Accommodating dyslexia in the workplace

However, dyslexia is a life-long condition and thus there are implications for dealing with it in the workplace.

Employers and employees both need to recognize the benefits of creating a work environment which is open to dealing with dyslexia.

She received the Ten Outstanding Young Americans Award for her work as an advocate.

Much focus is rightly put on dyslexia in children and at school.

These are just a few examples of strategies for coping with dyslexia at work.

On many occasions, accommodations for people with learning disabilities have been adopted by other people in the office, raising productivity for everyone. She has several other articles about the workplace in the Adults with LD section of this website, including Meeting The Challenge of Conformity and Dyslexia and the Challenge of Using Today's Technology.

Writing is a complex task that takes years of practice to develop.

Effective writing helps people remember, organize, and process information.

Accommodations should be based on the specific needs of the individual with learning disabilities.

Employers can claim that a given accommodation is an undue hardship, and can propose a different one.

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